One Stop Plastering

San Francisco Bay Area Plastering & Stucco Contractors

About One Stop Plastering

It may sound like a cliché, but we truly believe that the customer is always right. We do our best to accommodate even the smallest request and resolve any problems quickly. People want and deserve quality workmanship and service. That’s not something they should have to ask for, it should be a given. And with One Stop Plastering, it is.

Every job is important to us from the quickest residential stucco job in Marin to the extensive commercial scaffolding and plastering in Oakland. We take pride in what we do because we do it right each and every time.

Ken Breuner, President

Ken backs up every job with the experience and knowledge of 35 years from a General Contractor, plus six years as a Plastering, Drywall, and Tile Contractor. Ken has focused all this expertise into providing the best customer service of any plaster and stucco company in the Bay Area. 



George Welch, Vice President

George is a master plasterer and has been a member of Plasterers Local 66 for 30 years. With significant experience as the Estimator for several plastering companies, George is in charge of field operations doing stucco and plastering in the East Bay, San Francisco, Oakland and Marin.